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Welcome to The Hangar - Tbilisi's original Irish Pub and Grill - a bit of Ireland moved to Georgia and the only pub in Tbilisi where you'll find virtually all major televised sporting events as they occur.

We offer international rugby and football on our big-screen televisions...join us for the big matches!

Our kitchen offers a wide variety of Irish, American, British, and Italian dishes...all prepared with the freshest ingredients.

So, when you find yourself in Tbilisi, stop by for a pint, a meal, and good craic.


20 Shavteli

Tel (032) 2 93 10 80

2018 World Cup

Following is the 2018 World Cup Group schedule with local times. All games will be televised live at The Hangar, so stop by and shout for your favorite team.

2018 World Cup Group Schedule

14 June

19:00 Russia v Saudi Arabia

15 June

16:00 Egypt v Uruguay

19 June

22:00 Russia v Egypt

20 June

19:00 Uruguay v Saudi Arabia

25 June

18:00 Saudi Arabia v Egypt

18:00 Uruguay v Russia


15 June

19:00 Morocco v Iran

22:00 Portugal v Spain

20 June

16:00 Portugal v Morocco

22:00 Iran v Spain

25 June

22:00 Iran v Portugal

22:00 Spain v Morocco


16 June

14:00 France v Australia

20:00 Peru v Denmark

21 june

16:00 Denmark v Australia

19:00 France v Peru

26 June

18:00 Australia v Peru

18:00 Denmark v France


16 June

17:00 Argentina v Iceland

23:00 Croatia v Nigeria

21 June

22:00 Argentina v Croatia

19:00 Nigeria v Iceland

26 June

22:00 Iceland v Croatia

22:00 Nigeria v Argentina


17 June

16:00 Costa Rica v Serbia

22:00 Brazil v Switzerland

22 June

16:00 Brazil v Costa Rica

22:00 Serbia v Switzerland

27 June

22:00 Serbia v Brazil

22:00 Switzerland v Costa Rica


17 June

19:00 Germany v Mexico

18 June

16:00 Sweden v South Korea

23 June

19:00 South Korea v Mexico

22:00 Germany v Sweden

27 June

18:00 Mexico v Sweden

18:00 South Korea v Germany


18 June

19:00 Belgium v Panama

22:00 Tunisia v England

23 June

16:00 Belgium v Tunisia

24 June

16:00 England v Panama

28 June

22:00 England v Belgium

22:00 Panama v Tunisia


19 June

16:00 Colombia v Japan

19:00 Poland v Senegal

24 June

19:00 Japan v Senegal

22:00 Poland v Colombia

28 June

18:00 Japan v Poland

18:00 Senegal v Colombia